I offer physical and brain based therapy to my clients using my many skills acquired from working at a high level in many fields. Here are my credentials:

A biochemist for 10 years.

Playing squash and competing as a Thai boxer.

A stage and clinical hypnotist.

A neurologist and biomechanics expert.

A Pilates teacher for 8 years.

Obsessed with self-development.

I have many qualifications in these areas and I’m more than happy to chat to you before you arrange a session, so that I can make sure what I offer is compatible with your expected outcome. I’m very friendly, approachable, non-judgemental and patient and will listen to what you tell me.

I offer hypnosis sessions for self-improvement, stopping bad habits, phobias, pain and relaxation.

I offer movement and neurological based sessions for improving gait, pain, stiffness, weakness, balance problems, vision issues, brain fog, sports specific performance enhancement and neurological conditions in particular Parkinson’s.

“I have two neurological disorders, Parkinson’s and MS, which makes walking very difficult. After a session with Sara I find great improvement in my balance and posture, which helps my walking. Sara explains carefully and clearly how the pathways to my brain need to be “exercised” to help re-connect to my limbs. Sara has a whole range of things that will alleviate a broad range of symptoms – ranging from exercises to a programme that runs on my laptop – with lots of things in between. I am already recommending Sara to other members of the Parkinson’s Harrogate branch.”

Renee Dickinson, Chair Parkinson’s Harrogate

“Tonight was the first time I’ve ever seen sheet lightning. It lasted hours. Because of you I stood by the window and took a video. Still buzzing so many fears were taken away! The fear of spiders which you didn’t even mention is still gone!  This is the first time in years walking home without feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest!! I feel amazing!! Thank you x”

Mel Fisher, NHS Administration – Hypnosis for multiple phobias

Introducing Broadgate Chiropractic Clinic.

At Broadgate Chiropractic Clinic, we understand that pain is your body shouting at you. It means something needs fixing not masking with drugs. So when we treat you, feeling better means being better.

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